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ADP ezLaborManager


A Time & Attendance software from ADP


Co-ordinating the payroll for a flexible workforce can be a complicated, time-consuming and repetitive task

ADP ezLaborManager, a time and attendance software solution, can help streamline your workforce management through a significant reduction in payroll preparation time.  

The perfect solution for businesses with multiple offices, particularly those which operate around-the-clock, ezLaborManager increases payroll speed and accuracy through releasing staff from manual. Hosted online, our solution encourages employees to submit their own working hours, eradicating the need for timesheet collation, checking and data entry. Leave and sickness absence is also handled through the solution, resulting in a much more time-efficient, reliable service.  

ADP ezLaborManager additionally allows you to make more informed decisions about your workforce using information accessed at your desktop pertaining to resourcing, absence management and working hours.


How does it work?

ADP ezLaborManager is a web-based, self-service facility that provides 24/7 access from any location, at any time. It requires just an internet connection and web browser.  

Set up is easy: Once your chosen time keeping method has been selected - be it online time sheets, proximity time clocks or hours based exception reporting - a team of ADP experts will incorporate your pay policies so that hours and overtime can be automatically calculated.  

Employees simply enter their name and their working hours via a self-service portal; pay is then applied consistently and in accordance with your rules.  

Further removing some of the huge administrative burden placed on payroll and team leaders, employees can enter their own holiday requests and update personal details. Email alerts will be generated when an action has been completed, allowing employees and team leaders to know when a request has been submitted or approved.  

All information is held securely and is backed up via cloud servers, meeting your business's confidentiality and contingency requirements.


What are the benefits of this solution?

  • Cost savings: ADP ezLaborManager controls and improves the labour expenses related to payroll and absenteesim. Lack of in-house software also leads to lower operating costs in terms of maintenance and man-hours. 
  • Time savings: Employee inputting and set pay preferences both drastically reduce time spent on processing hours worked through removing duplication, timesheet collation and manual calculations. Staff can thus be freed up to concentrate on other, more motivating tasks, while integration with ADP Freedom provides an even more streamlined service.
  • Employee self-service: Empowers employees to be responsible for their own leave and the upkeep of personal details. Employees can also access past timesheets and pay, no longer needing to refer queries to managers, payroll and/or HR.
  • Real time information: ezLaborManager's reporting capabilities means that you will have access to crucial management information as and when required. This includes timecard, payroll, attendance, schedule and accrual reports.
  • Productivity: This formal online system regulates leave, monitors attendance and serves as an aid to absence management. Attendance monitoring enables easy resource to help businesses get the right levels of cover and also allows early identification of absence trends.
  • Consistency: Built into the solution as specified by you, the same pay rules are applied to all employees, minimising disputes or time spent reclaiming overpayments.
  • Best practise: ezLaborManager uses proven techniques to drive efficiency, accuracy and compliance into the payroll process; recording electronic audit trails at each step. Additionally, employee inputting guarantees fewer errors while the secure, web-hosted platform improves data confidentiality.

Is there anything else I need to know?

The employee self-service portal features an online help function plus Quick Reference Cards, thus your staff will be able to find answers to any operational queries easily.  

With ADP's ezLaborManager solution, your business could enjoy increased productivity, reduced absence, cost savings and improved payroll accuracy - with management information available at your fingertips, when you need it.


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