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HCM Solutions. Designed By Experts. Tailored To You.

Making a strong business case for Human Capital Management (HCM) can be tough. Especially with so many competing priorities. ADP can help. We’re transforming HCM into a core business asset that delivers actionable insights – so you can make better decisions and prepare for the future. With 65 years of HR and payroll experience, we’ll work with you to design a HCM solution that’s tailored to your precise needs. Complete with the very best in compliance, security and support.


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HR. Payroll. Or a combination of both. Choose from our range of solutions, all designed to support your people through the employee lifecycle and drive better business outcomes.

Check out our cloud-based solutions for automating common HR – including expenses, timesheets, training and performance reviews.

Whether your workforce is local or global, we can optimise how you remunerate staff by removing time-consuming payroll tasks.

Businesses are seeing great value by combining HR and payroll into one cloud-based HCM solution. See how we could save you time and money.

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Need help defining your exact payroll needs – or building a business case for cloud-based HR Want to discuss the benefits of combining HR and payroll into one HCM solution? Whatever the question, feel free to get in touch.


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We’re always working to make our customers happy. That’s what drives us as a HCM provider. On average, customers stay with ADP for over 11 years. No matter what sector you’re in, we’re committed to improving your HR and payroll services.


By transferring the responsibility for payroll and employee screening to ADP we don’t have to worry about delays or errors. We trust ADP to get the job done accurately.

Dilanka Kalutota, Technical Project Manager, American Apparel



Keep on top of the latest thinking

There’s a lot happening in the world of HR and payroll right now. Together with IDC and the Economist Intelligence Unit, we’ve taken a deep dive into three of the top talking points:

The Future of Pay

Recent global research from ADP shows that a company’s ability to offer faster, more flexible pay options has a huge impact on employee satisfaction, productivity, and retention. It could even affect your ability to win the best candidates. 

GDPR: the impact on HR and payroll

HR departments need to change how they manage and process employee data, or risk big fines. But GDPR also brings opportunities.

Are You Ready for the future of HR & HCM?

Find out what 2,000 European HR Leaders will focus on to shape the future of their HR &; HCM.

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