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ADP Expert Plus


Payroll Services with ADP Expert Plus


ADP Expert Plus is a fully managed payroll solution which perfectly suits expanding businesses of up to 150 employees.

Once a company begins increasing its headcount, in-house payroll capability could prove insufficient, unable to meet demands effectively and accurately.

This relates to more than the actual pay run; during periods of growth, reporting becomes more important and fulfilling statutory requirements becomes more of a challenge. That's why ADP Expert plus could be the ideal answer.

ADP Expert Plus ensures that business requirements are met as a company changes. Fully scalable, the solution offers cost savings while removing the administrative and regulatory payroll burden from employees, placing it instead with ADP's payroll experts.

Furthermore, our solution offers access to a range of management reports and provides guidance via the ADP Service Centre.


How does ADP Expert Plus work?

A step up from ADP Expert, this flexible tool provides clients with access to our easy-to-use web-based software which allows you to share your payroll data electronically. ADP experts will then check your information, carry out test runs and upon your approval, proceed with the monthly pay run.

In the meantime, we will liaise directly with HMRC, collating and distributing the relevant information. At year end, we will produce employee P60s.


What are the benefits of using ADP Expert Plus?

  • Accuracy: this best-practice, streamlined approach minimises the 'too many cooks' complications sometimes associated with traditional in-house payroll, thus encouraging a flawless salary run.
  • Timeliness: following receipt of payroll data, we will ensure that your employees are paid on time. Any subsequent adjustments or additions will be made as quickly as appropriate.
  • Compliance: rather than negotiate the web of tax legislation, National Insurance rules or statutory parental leave obligations, take advantage of ADP's over 60 years of experience to process your payroll in full compliance with the law.
  • Efficiency: with access to the ADP Service Centre for guidance, queries can be dealt with and resolved in a timely manner, without holding up the pay run.
  • Reduced risk: correct and on-time pay run avoids the costs associated with not paying staff properly. Audit trails and well-honed, effective procedures reduce the errors otherwise related to the complex remuneration requirements of a larger company.
  • Reporting: the solution offers comprehensive management reporting, available in a number of formats, including on-line or PDF. Thus authorised employees can gain access to information necessary for business strategy decisions.

Anything else I need to know about ADP Expert Plus?

As with the ADP Expert Plus solution, it is possible to complete your package with two add-on extras: the first is an option to ADP to produce P11Ds and P9Ds at year end.

The second is the 24/7 availability of HR Knowledgebase, a reference service that provides employment law information to ensure businesses adhere to legislation.

ADP Expert Plus is the ideal solution for a business that wants to grow without compromising payroll accuracy or speeds. It delivers a service which lessens the burden while nurturing a strong and valuable relationship.


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