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ADP RealTime

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ADP RealTime - The complete Time and Labour Management Solution


ADP® RealTime has been designed to provide you with the information you need to manage your workforce using a unified workforce management platform which is integrated with ADP® iHCM Payroll and HR.

It provides effective data capture and the access you need across time and attendance, scheduling, and more, with a single login. Present Management Information to inform efficiency decisions, control labour costs, minimise compliance risk, and improve individual and team productivity.


Powerful & Flexible Capabilities

  • Data collection via web, biometric or swipe card inputs
  • Employee self-service with a consumer level user interface
  • Attendance policy administration and control
  • Time off requests and approvals configured to reflect your authorisation policies
  • Configurable workflows to reflect your and industry best practice
  • Ad hoc and scheduled reporting using the integrated reporting tools
  • Timesheet approvals configured to reflect your authorisation procedures and policies
    Exception management to help you identify risks or resourcing challenges

To know more about ADP Real Time


ADP RealTime can streamline the end to end time management processes from initial scheduling of human resources, to absence and attendance data capture from a variety of data collection sources, right through to payment of salary or absence allowances through the payroll. This helps you to increase efficiency and reduce labour costs.

With ADP RealTime, you can track and understand true labour costs by enforcing flexible, user-defined pay rules. Maintain compliance and improve payroll accuracy with simplified timecard management. Manage exceptions, including missed clockings and early/late arrivals, in real time to avoid payroll errors and costly rework. Track scheduled hours versus worked hours, as well as projected hours, to more effectively manage labour costs, forecast overtime, and keep costs within expectations.


Absence Management


Evolution of the employee demographic in relation to age, location and working patterns creates new challenges for organisations and HR in the management of employee time and absences, whether planned or unplanned. Failure to adapt and provide the right tools and information to support the changing landscape can have a big impact on an organisations success.

At its simplest level, the total financial impact of leave including direct (overtime, agency costs) and indirect costs (loss of employee and supervisor productivity) has been found to be between 32.8% and 34% of payroll1.


ADP RealTime helps you control and mitigate the effects of absenteeism before organisational performance suffers. It achieves this by providing employees and managers with technology, tools and information they need access to:

  • Track eligibility based on tenure
  • Capture and report hours worked
  • Request, authorise and report holiday
  • Record sick time, and other user defined absences and criteria
  • Prevent unauthorised time off and late returns with built-in notifications
  • View accrual balances with immediate real-time visibility of accrual liabilities

ADP RealTime automates the enforcement of employer specific leave policies and requirements for a variety of leave types, including maternity and paternity and shared parental leave, helping you reduce errors and avoid costly litigation and grievances.

Throughout your business, access to leave eligibility and availability information helps drive better decisions and minimise risk.

1 Total Financial Impact of Employee Absences across Europe (inc UK), US, China, Australia, India and Mexico, SHRM in collaboration with Kronos.


Resource Scheduling and Planning


In today’s dynamic workplace, employees increasingly want to choose when, where and how they work. In this increasingly flexible work culture you need a way to staff shifts with the right type of employees with the right skills and experience to maximise productivity and control labour costs.

With ADP RealTime, it’s easy to assign daily, weekly, or other configurable patterns to schedules. For added flexibility and convenience, you can assign employees to schedules or schedules to employees, view preferences, make adjustments on the fly, and give employees access to their schedule from the web or right from the time clock.

In addition, visibility of “assumed job costing” helps ensure employee is paid the appropriate rate and costs allocated to the right BU or cost centre for financial reporting.

ADP RealTime enables you to manage Time and Labour Management with ease, providing you with the technology, workflows and information to manage your workforce efficiently, whilst giving employees the tools to take responsibility for managing their own productivity and performance.


Time and Labour Challenge: HR at a crossroads

Your people are your biggest asset. But how do you know you’re getting the most out of them?

"Celloglas" client case study

"As a result of ADP’s payroll and time management solutions, we really have seen a transformation in our time and attendance and payroll processes..."


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