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Time and Attendance

Find the right ADP Time solutions for your business


Streamline your business's workforce management procedures

Our proven solution can be configured in accordance with existing payment policies to ensure a consistent approach across the entire business, no matter location, shift or role.   With 24/7 remote access, this is the perfect solution for businesses with multiple offices, enabling employees to enter their working hours via online time sheets, various time clocks or hours-based exception reporting at any time.  

This not only empowers the employee and makes them more conscious of any absences, but also brings myriad additional business benefits.   Our software eradicates the central collation, checking and inputting of hard time sheets, saving time and money. You can import information into your business's payroll software, generating a more efficient and accurate pay run. 


ADP® RealTime

The complete Time and Labour Management Solution

ADP RealTime is a cloud-based time and attendance solution. It streamlines scheduling, timesheets, and reporting while handling exceptions with ease. 


Enables your business to make more informed decisions based on employee information

The information allows for the identification and addressing of any absence or time-keeping trends which can assist in reducing absence rates.   It also serves as an essential tool in staff, providing clear data from which you can ensure they have the right number of people in place at any one time.


How does it work?

Once the business has selected a method of time keeping, be it online time sheets, badge swipe time clocks, etc. the solution will simply and precisely calculate the hours worked. It will apply the business's own pay policy rules, negating the need for inputting repetitive data. Following the manager's authorisation, the data is transferred to the payroll system.


What does the service offer?

ADP's time and attendance solution provides accurate data with which businesses can make more informed decisions about the workforce. In addition, if offers:

  • A reduction of time spent manually collating and chasing up time sheets, checking the information and carefully inputting hours worked into the payroll system
  • Backed-up, secure information
  • Unlimited online access to data
  • Improved accuracy via self-service entries
  • The refocusing of payroll time on other matters
  • Automatic generation of scheduled reports
  • A consistency of payments as per policies applied to whole workforce
  • Reduction of 'buddy punching' and time fraud
  • Assurance of adequate cover at all times
  • Integration with ADP Freedom solution
  • The opportunity to find efficiencies by monitoring data

Time and Labour Challenge: HR at a crossroads

Your people are your biggest asset. But how do you know you’re getting the most out of them?

"Celloglas" client case study

"As a result of ADP’s payroll and time management solutions, we really have seen a transformation in our time and attendance and payroll processes..."


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