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Choosing the right payroll provider for your business

Running payroll can take time away from growing your business, but it’s hugely important to get right.


Choosing the right payroll service provider can be a complex decision, with a lot to consider. In this simple buyer’s guide, we offer a quick checklist of things to think about before you commit, including:

  • What services you want. Is it just payroll processing or do you want additional services like new-hire reporting and absence management?
  • What your key priorities are. Do you want to free up resources; or improve accuracy and tax compliance; or move to a self-serve HR model?
  • What questions you should ask. Can your prospective providers give you a clear breakdown of costs? How much time will you have to put in? What support do they offer if things go wrong?

ADP payroll buyer’s guide

Packed with essential information to help small businesses choose the right payroll service provider.


Switching payroll providers made easy

As a small business, you want the best value and service from your payroll provider – and an easy way to switch.

ADP payroll switcher’s guide

Helping small businesses decide whether to switch their payroll service provider, and how to make the transition painless.


If you’ve already outsourced your payroll, you may be wondering if you’ve chosen the best provider for your business. This guide helps you assess the potential benefits of switching, and outlines what you need for a smooth transition. You’ll learn:

  • The key questions to ask if you’re thinking about switching
  • What data you need to give your new provider for an error-free transition
  • How to assess potential providers and find the best fit for your business

Planning for a successful implementation

Making big changes to your payroll needs a structured plan for success.


Whether you’re outsourcing payroll for the first time or switching providers to get more value for your business, it’s good to have a plan. Our guide to successful implementation will help you assemble the right team, gather the right data and put the right technology in place. Get tips on:

  • Analysing and documenting your processes
  • Gathering the right data and getting stakeholder buy-in
  • Preparing your infrastructure and planning key milestones

Payroll implementation guide

Giving small businesses a clear framework to plan a successful payroll implementation.


Partnering with small businesses is our sweet spot

More than half a million small businesses, from sole traders to teams of 200, trust ADP with their payroll services. We know every business is unique, so we'll work with you to build a customised solution that:

Saves you money

Discover our affordable options and only pay for the services you need.

Gives you time

Every minute counts, so we'll help you run payroll in just a few clicks.

Helps you comply

Get your payroll and taxes done accurately, on time, the right way.


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