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International Managed Payroll Service

Expertise and efficiency in one solution


Operating UK payroll from an overseas base is no easy feat

A comprehensive understanding of, and compliance with local tax and payment regulations is mandatory - a knowledge that is likely to be lacking in-house.

That's in addition to the sheer volume of important administration that accompanies a foreign pay run, much of which requires immediate action. Fortunately, ADP's International Managed Payroll Service (IMS) can remove these complexities by fully-managing UK and expatriate payrolls on your behalf.

ADP is a global business and knows the nuances of international remuneration, offering an insight into local practices and legislation.

Our web-based IMS solution ensures convenience, accuracy and security through the application of best practice, providing total peace of mind - important when you are situated thousands of miles away. By taking total responsibility for your overseas payroll, IMS allows you to concentrate on your business expansion plans and achieve competitive edge on a global scale.


How does it work?

The IMS fully managed solution offers three unique services, specifically tailored toward three different business models:

  1. International organisations who are starting a new business in the UK
  2. Established UK businesses with 'overseas parentage'
  3. Businesses that are expanding into Europe

Using a proven 'hand-holding', consultative approach, a dedicated (UK-based) payroll specialist will help you set up the solution and meet all necessary requirements.

The service will deliver salary payments directly into employees' bank accounts using a familiar payroll disbursement model and offers employees access to a payroll helpline in case of queries.

Your specialist will liaise with any third parties and submit taxes directly to the HMRC (the British equivalent of the IRS).

Though you may be oceans apart, IMS client-facing internet technology allows you to view UK/expatriate payroll data and produce management reports at your desk.

This functionality provides you with key, real-time information that can assist in making important business decisions.The IMS fully managed solution offers three unique services, specifically tailored toward three different business models.


What are the benefits of this solution?

  • Local and global compliance: IMS adheres to UK and Sarbanes Oxley standards as appropriate and ensures corporate governance through best practice and transparency. ADP's specialists will meet UK employer obligations and liaise with the HMRC on your behalf.
  • Scalable solution: Every business grows and changes; IMS is scalable and can adapt to your changing needs.
  • 24/7 web access: No matter the time or location, you have round-the-clock access to your payroll information, reports and data inputting functions. Any queries can be referred to the ADP HR Service Support resource.
  • Payroll efficiency: With ADP's 60 years' of payroll expertise, you can rest assured that your employees will be paid correctly and on time using our flexible, streamlined and efficient approach.
  • Release of resources: Rather than wasting time deciphering payment rules, you can focus on core business activities while ADP does the payroll processing.
  • Security: Be confident of overseas payroll security via ADP's heightened technologies.
  • Tax management: IMS will assume total responsibility for managing tax and submitting year end returns, covering P60 and P11ds.

Is there anything else I need to know?

IMS incorporates two additional features to ensure your overseas payroll operates as smoothly as possible. The first is ADP HR Knowledgebase, which is an online resource that helps clients to understand and comply with British employment law obligations. 

The second is a P11d managed service, whereby ADP specialists communicate with the HMRC around benefit administration, the submission of relevant tax information and the production of P11ds.

Ultimately, IMS is a thorough, total payroll management solution that can be adapted to suit business needs, no matter where in the world the parent company is based.

Our expertise offers reassurance that your employees will be remunerated on time and in accordance with local legislation, so you don't have to.


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