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ADP Solutions for Multinational Businesses

Connect ideas and analysis to people and performance.

ADP can help you to better align your talent with your global business goals and lower costs, free up high-value employees and smooth day-to-day operations by eliminating the complexity caused by having multiple platforms, applications and vendors. ADP has also experts in over 70 countries, who are dedicated to helping you stay compliant, keeping you one step ahead of legislative changes with our global business solutions.  

ADP GlobalView ›
A suite of payroll and human capital management services provided by a single vendor  

ADP BackCheck ›
An online employment screening service which provides you with the information necessary for making well-informedment decisions.  

ADP Streamline ›
A solution for international corporations doing business across countless countries, cultures and. 


Success story


Aberdeen Asset Management

Aberdeen Asset Management PLC is an international investment management group operating in many countries of the world and controlling investments that total over £100 billion.The company is independent and is completely focused on fund management, where it operates in line with its own values of solid investments, research and risk monitoring.


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