How do your employees feel about their working schedule, unpaid overtime or the mental health support your company offers?

Without understanding employees’ needs, it’s almost impossible for HR teams to adapt to new trends and retain talent.

For ADP’s Workforce View in Europe 2019 report, we’ve surveyed over 10,000 employees across the continent to discover their plans, preferences and frustrations.

Watch our Workforce View 2019 webinar to hear experts discuss these latest findings, including some surprising developments, such as:

  • How many millennials would consider quitting their job if they found out their employer was paying men and women unequally
  • What’s behind huge shifts in the number of employees considering freelancing or self-employment
  • How skills confidence changes across age demographics.

Discover the Workforce View 2019 webinar

Watch now to find out about changing attitudes to work across Europe, as well as advice on what HR and talent teams can do to attract and retain the best people for your business.

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