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ADP Events


Register now and join us to discuss the latest HCM, HR, Payroll and Time industry trends

Conversations today regarding HCM, HR, Payroll and Time take place across all business functions and by all levels of personnel within an organisation, not just HRDs or HR professionals. Don’t miss out on any of our events, webinars or exhibitions!

 Thursday 30th January at 11:00am

ADP Webinar: Why we work

With HR using multiple, often manual, systems and payroll processes, it’s not surprising that employees and senior leaders feel HR needs to become more digital savvy. 

Slow processes, poor communication, and disparate data sources. These are just a few of the many challenges faced by HR as they look to add greater value to the business and their workforce.


Past Events

 12th November
 Manchester City’s Etihad Stadium

ADP’s Northern Business Forum

Bringing together some of the North’s leading business minds from the world of Business, HR and Payroll, ADP is delighted to announce our Northern Business Forum event is taking place on Tuesday 12thNovember at Manchester’s Etihad Stadium. 
 February 2019

ADP's Northern Business Forum  

Want to find out more around what Northern Businesses are doing around Digital HR Transformation?  Earlier this year, ADP held a seminal event on the  topic of digital transformation. Building a Northern Powerhouse is about boosting the local economy by investing in skills, innovation and the digital economy.  

Webinar Replay

 Webinar Replay

How to choose a global payroll partner

This webinar, produced in partnership with People Management, takes a practical look at the aspects you need to consider when seeking a single solution and partner to manage payroll and employees across multiple countries.
Webinar replay

The Workforce View in Europe  

Are you confident you know what your employees expect when it comes to working hours, unpaid overtime or mental health support at work? Without this understanding, it’s hard for HR teams to adapt and retain talent. That’s the topic of ADP’s annual Workforce View in Europe survey – gathering the perspectives of 10,000+ workers across eight European countries to bring you insights into the trends employers need to stay on top of.
Webinar replay

Money Matters: The Future of Payroll  

Missed our webinar on how financial wellness matters to both employee and employers? 

This webinar explores how financial wellness programs and flexible payment options can be mutually beneficial for both employers and employees. 
Webinar replay

Webinar: Changing Workforce Dynamics  

Missed our webinar on how to manage an expanding and contracting workforce ?
In this webinar, in partnership with People Management Insights, we use a variety of scenarios and real-life examples to give you the answers you need on how to implement a framework that addresses the demand peak problem and reduces the burden on HR & Payroll...
Webinar replay

ADP People Unboxed Webinar: How does HR cater for individual?

Missed our webinar on ‘Why engaging work environments are key to fostering a happy and productive workforce’?
Here is your chance to listen to the live recording and get exclusive insight into ADP’s latest research on what drives employee engagement and makes a happy and productive workforce.

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