Why is it important for HR and payroll to work together?


HR and Payroll Harmonisation: fundamental strength to business agility

International expansion is an exciting time for multinational businesses. Managing the HR challenges that arise with it can become central to the organisation’s success or failure. So, why is HR and Payroll harmonisation so important for global businesses?

Ensuring business agility

A harmonised HR and payroll operation is the cornerstone of managing Human Capital, enabling your organisation to become more productive and meet its strategic business goals. However, global businesses often find themselves in a situation where a lack of integration and standarisation has become a business critical problem, affecting daily operations. By enabling your HR and Payroll to better work together, you can:

  • Respond to the challenges of international expansion
  • Streamline costs associated with your workforce
  • Focus on value-adding activities such as employee engagement
  • Access business critical data through an integrated Human Capital Management (HCM) solution
  • Quickly adapt to changes in the business world

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How can your international business ensure its HR and Payroll and fully harmonized?


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