Meeting Peak Season Demands


Whether it’s Christmas, Black Friday, the Summer holidays, or somewhere in between, many businesses rely on seasonal staff to help them manage increased demand during these busy peak periods. While this may be a successful strategy for businesses, it often puts already over-stretched HR and payroll departments under increased pressure. By being tasked with managing additional temporary workforces, HR and payroll in particular are often effectively asked to do more with less.

Meeting Peak Season Demands is a complimentary guide that uses scenarios and real-life examples to explore how an expanding and contracting workforce can impact efficiency, prevent you from focusing on key business areas, and causing unnecessary admin burden and costs.

This guide explains how to address the demand peak problem, and will help you to build a business case for integrating your HR & Payroll systems. Meeting Peak Season Demands covers:

  • The squeeze on HR and payroll
  • The business impact of seasonal peaks: four common scenarios
  • The impact on people
  • A framework to reduce the burden
  • Practical and proven advice



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