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The Evolution of Work The Changing Nature of the Global Workplace


Are Millennials Driving Change in the Workplace?

As technological developments propel the workplace forward more quickly than ever before, the way people work is dramatically changing. With the ability to connect from anywhere at any time, employees are beginning to experience increased flexibility and autonomy in their work. Technological resources make it possible—and necessary—to constantly learn new skills. In a global marketplace, the search for talent often extends all over the world, and contract-based work is becoming more common. Add to this a cultural shift toward pursuing work that is personally meaningful, and the emerging workplace model looks progressively different than the traditional work paradigm.

Many people suggest these changes are being driven by the Millennial generation—younger adults aged 18 to who are relatively new to the workforce. Members of this generation tend to adopt and master new technology quickly and easily, and are prepared to leverage new tools to improve and simplify how they work. Likewise, they understand the power of technology to foster connection and collaboration, and tend to seek an increased level of freedom over their work locations and schedules.

But how much influence do Millennials really have over the evolving workplace, and how do members of that generation feel about the changes that are taking place or may take place in the near future?

The ADP Research Institute® (ADP RI), a specialised group within ADP, conducted a qualitative and quantitative study among employers and employees in four major regions: North America, Europe, Latin America, and Asia-Pacific. The study surveyed companies and workers in all age groups regarding new workplace trends and how employees perceive these trends.

The Millennial generation – regional differences in the Americas and Europe

Although Millennials may share similar values about workplace freedom and finding personal fulfillment in their work, the study indicated their feelings about whether changes are possible based on where they live. In North America, workplace change tends to be challenged by older generations. While younger workers in this region are hopeful certain changes will come about, their survey responses reflected doubt over whether companies will make the shift. For example, both Millennial men and women in this region place a high value on work-life balance and are increasingly expecting companies to adapt to this.

Similarly to North America, Europe has a large population of older workers who are less eager to see changes in the workplace. The region is adopting reformed approaches to education that will prepare students from a very early age for careers in the technology-driven global workforce. This could give Millennials in the region an edge in the workplace, as they possess technology skills older workers may not have. Workers in Europe already enjoy a certain degree of work flexibility that the rest of the world is catching up to, so changes in workplace freedom may not be as dramatic here as in other regions.

Millennials surveyed in both North America and Europe tended to express negative feelings toward changes such as companies searching globally for talent and automation replacing some work tasks.

In Latin America, Millennials are eager to adopt new technologies. The study showed that young people in this region were significantly more likely than those in other regions to use social media as a platform for work collaboration. Additionally, Millennials are excited about more companies in the region using technology to measure and impact employee well-being.

Asia-Pacific Millennials as a force of change

More than in any other region, Millennials in Asia-Pacific tend to be at the forefront of workplace changes. With a large population of young workers and rapid economic growth, this region is poised to adapt to the workplace of the future. In a region traditionally characterised by extreme loyalty to one company and working long hours for many years, there is now a demand for increased choice, mobility, and work-life balance. Younger workers are continually pushing boundaries to bring about the mobility and freedom they desire, and workers in the Asia-Pacific region tend to be positive toward the changes that are taking place.

With constant technological developments, rapidly shifting economies, and increased desire for freedom and meaning, the workplace is evolving. More than any previous generation, Millennials place a premium on having flexibility and autonomy in their work, finding purpose-driven work, and attaining work-life balance. As this generation gets older, it’s likely the workplace of the future will look very different from today’s model. Asia-Pacific Millennials as a force of changeAsia-Pacific Millennials as a force of change


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