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The only way to know your people, is to ask

That’s why we’ve created our employee workplace happiness census. Find out what makes your people tick, and what you can do to improve their job satisfaction.

We’ve already asked over 2,500 workers across Europe for their thoughts, so you have a benchmark for comparing your organisation’s census results.

Join the conversation, and discover the areas you need to focus on to increase employee satisfaction.


See how your employees’ happiness compares to our results


Take the Census ›

A private, anonymised Census for you to use within your organisation

What will you learn about your employees?

  • Why do your people come to work? What motivates them? Find out what they really want from their careers.
  • How do they feel about their current workplace? Everyone has an opinion on where they work. Now you’ll know what they are.
  • Does your organisation provide a good work/life balance? Striking the right balance is key to ensuring a happy, productive workforce.
  • What would your people want from an ideal job? Find out how far you are from providing a perfect workplace by asking your people what that looks like.
46% of people said their employer doesn’t understand them or their potential


Source: The ADP People Unboxed Report


To benefit from these insights, simply follow these three easy steps:

  1. Sign up
    Click here, enter a few personal details, and we’ll send you an email with login details for your personal dashboard.
  2. Participate
    Send the Census to your employees via a private link for them to complete the questions.
  3. Compare
    Analyse your company’s results, and see how they measure up against others across Europe.

Let’s get started

See how your employees’ happiness compares to those across Europe

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