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Healthcare and pharma companies need global HR solutions


Efficient HR and payroll system allow to make good decisions

Healthcare and pharmaceutical industries are under immense pressure. Ageing populations, medical advances and rising patient expectations are fuelling demand for their products and services. But budgets are not keeping up with this growing demand or with rising costs.

A recent analysis1 by Deloitte notes that although the world’s major regions are expected to increase spending on healthcare by 2.4% to 7.5% between 2015 and 2020, “infrastructure issues are making it increasingly difficult for public healthcare systems to sustain current levels of service and affordability.” Costs clearly need to be reduced.


1. Deloitte, 2017 global health care sector outlook


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Are you in control?

Controlling employee data is critical for healthcare companies to have view on costs and available talent. 

Welcov Healthcare

  Welcov unifies HCM to support a vision for growth

Many healthcare companies lack the flexibility to scale operations according to changing needs.



 Can Your HR Support Healthcare Business Challenges?