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How it began

In 1949, a 21-year-old named Henry Taub happened upon an office in crisis. The clerk was out sick, and people hadn’t been paid. Employees were furious. The boss had put aside his work and was scrambling around in a panic, trying to figure out what to do. An entire workday was lost.  

Henry thought of a way he could help. He started what became Automatic Data Processing in a room above Grinker’s Ice Cream Shop, with nothing more than an Underwood bookkeeping machine, a few Friden calculators, and an Addressograph to print cheques. Every week, Henry took a city bus to deliver the finished payroll to his first client by hand.


From an idea to an entire industry of outsourcing services...

Automatic’s initial equipment was unpretentious. It would be several years before the company invested in comptometers, a new generation of bookkeeping machine.
Sales were made, but they didn’t come easy in those early years. That’s because selling the payroll service carried a dual burden. Before anyone would buy the service, they first had to buy the concept. Bookkeepers and business owners found it hard to imagine how payroll could suddenly take up less of their time. Many were also reluctant to let an outside company have access to their payroll files.

Eventually, more businesses in northern New Jersey and New York City did try the service. A number became strong referral sources, and Automatic continued to grow at an accelerated rate.  

67 years later, all of us at ADP are just as committed to providing the most reliable support for our clients’ employee operations -- from payroll solutions, to time and attendance, to HR solutions. With our proven expertise, we’re focused on proactively identifying and resolving potential issues before they can impact their employees. So when they call one of our experts with a question or a concern, they can rely on us to give them a solution, fast.


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