Human Capital Management

Is Your HR Strategy Ready for Global Expansion?

As companies expand to cover more of the globe, HR leaders are under increasing pressure to find solutions to the new HR complexities and risks that arise from global growth. Is your HR strategy agile enough to expand with your company’s global footprint?

Streamlining multi-country HR and payroll

Did you know that non-compliance costs global businesses an average of $9 million each year 1? Or that multinational companies accumulate an average of average of 31 different HR systems and 33 payroll systems as they expand 2?
Loss of control and visibility of international operations, fragmented systems and processes, and increased compliance risk threaten productivity and give business leaders second thoughts about continued growth.
Global Human Capital Management is a new approach that helps companies achieve sustainable growth by combining technology and services to help companies:
  • Harmonise payroll and HR administration across disparate systems and tools
  • Gain wide visibility and control of international HR operations
  • Achieve compliance with multi-country legislation everywhere in the world
  • Improve global company productivity and employee engagement
Explore the many ways in which Global HCM could help your HR operation thrive in the new global business environment.
Get your whitepaper now by clicking below, and join other business leaders in exploiting the value of a truly global HCM solution.

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