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Bring human capital management (HCM) to your business and you’ll be on course to be the next star of your organisation.
The modern workforce is changing all the time and that presents complex challenges for HR. HCM is a model that makes it easier for businesses to manage their people. It’ll help you:
  • Win the war for talent
  • Reduce total cost of ownership
  • Increase efficiency across your business
  • Cut the cost of compliance.
Show your star quality

How is the workplace changing?

Understand emerging workplace trends and the needs of your employees better with insight from our latest report. ADP Research Institute’s® 2016 Evolution of Work study looks at workplace trends across 2,000 individuals in 13 countries. It’ll help you understand:
  • How people feel about automation and smart machines
  • How different regions react to workplace change differently
  • How the definition of job security is changing
  • What younger employees need beyond salary to feel fulfilled
  • Where HR departments need to improve
Harmonise your payroll and HR management with ADP’s HCM solutions. They’ll help you free up HR teams to focus on strategic initiatives that help grow your business.

Download the Complete Study "Evolution of Work" by ADP

The Changing Nature of the Global Workplace
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Transform the way the world works

Transform the way the world works

Our working world is evolving at a rapid pace. To capture competitive advantage, we must exploit the technologies that give us unprecedented potential, embrace the cultural shifts taking place in front of us, and focus our organisations like never before.

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