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If you’re managing the absence of your employees manually, you probably feel like taking a day off yourself. Dealing with absence – whether it’s planned or unplanned – can be hard work. It can be time consuming and can stop you getting to more strategic tasks. 

ADP Real Time

Fortunately, there’s an alternative. Here’s a reason to be cheerful – a way to:
  • Control workforce costs
  • Minimise compliance risk
  • Schedule more effectively
  • Improve the productivity of employees
  • Simplify timecard management and exceptions, such as missed clockings and early/late arrivals.
It’s called ADP RealTime and it’ll give you valuable insight around time and attendance, scheduling and planning. What’s more, it’s available as a standalone service or fully integrated with ADP(R) iHCM Payroll and HR, which means you only need to enter data once and you’ll get all your information through a single log-in.

Download your copy of ADP's HR Calendar below

Do you ever wonder why so many people are booking a particular day off work? Or why certain days seem to have more people on sick leave? Our HR Calendar, running from April ’17 to March ’18 will give you an idea of when your employees might be looking to take leave – whether it’s planned or not.
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