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ADP Payroll Disbursement Service

More funds quickly and accurately
with our Payroll Disbursement Service

Save time, reduce costs and risks and simplify reporting

Managing payroll can be complex with numerous payments to employees and third parties including government agencies, pension providers and administrators, every pay period. Add to that the pressure to deliver against tight timescales with little margin for error and it’s easy to see how mistakes and delays can happen and the risk of non-compliance and unhappy employees can rise. In turn, this can lead to exposing your company to potential fines and penalties as well as a disengaged workforce.

Imagine if your payroll service provider could alleviate the pressure with a solution that ensures funds are moved quickly and accurately on your behalf. ADP’s Payroll Disbursement Service (PDS) has been doing just that for companies like yours for over 20 years.
  • Reduce your administration burden – ADP will handle exceptions and bank reconciliations
  • Reduce the risk of non-compliance – ADP takes full responsibility for tax payments and penalties
  • Reduce cost – Any bank charges on BACS payments to employees are likely to be decreased

How does ADP Payroll Disbursement Service work?

ADP Payroll Disbursement Service is simple – it’s a single contract, single price and a single debit for your entire UK payroll.

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