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What is the Value of ADP® iHCM
for CIOs?

Aligning Learning with business needs: Technology is transforming your workplace

As an IT Director your main goal is to ensure your organisation’s technology is perfectly aligned with, and reinforces, your business strategy, providing your workforce with the tools they need to contribute to your organisation’s successful growth. The right technology can help you accelerate productivity and efficiency, while at the same time delivering security.
According to the 2015 ADP Global Human Capital Management Decision Makers Survey (2015,ADP Research Institute), large organisations manage on average 33 different payroll systems and 31 HR systems. Overviewing, monitoring and upgrading multiple disparate systems make your job more complex, leaving you with less time to focus on innovation and people management.

With ADP® iHCM it´s now possible to have all of your HR, talent management and payroll processes integrated in one single platform, cutting out the need for IT intermediaries managing multiple solutions. By offering standardised and automated processes, ADP® iHCM helps you to achieve higher quality and quicker implementation times. Additionally, you can count on ADP’s customer service to provide you with expert advice and service support throughout the implementation process and beyond.
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ADP® iHCM is a cloud based HCM platform that helps to enable HR departments to manage the entire employee life cycle from recruitment to retirement with accurate real time HCM data on a single platform. It includes talent acquisition, performance management, learning and development, payroll and HR administration. ADP® iHCM will also be accessible via ADP Mobile Solutions applications on mobile devices.

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