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What is the Value of ADP® iHCM
for CHROs?

Aligning Learning with business needs: A new era for Human Resources

Digital technology, business model changes and globalisation are re-shaping your workplace at an ever-increasing pace. Accompanying these changes, we are seeing the role of HR shift from a side-lined administrative function to an essential business partner driving overall business strategy. Your HR department, by aligning more closely to other departments, is being called upon to adopt a more data-based, strategic approach to talent management. In this new, highly digitalised and globalised competitive landscape, the need to attract, retain and engage the best talent is paramount.

Executing a successful talent strategy, aligned closely to your company´s business objectives, significantly contributes to your company remaining productive, efficient and transformational.

ADP® iHCM is your integrated and cost-efficient Human Capital Management solution that can support your overall business goals, help to improve the productivity of your team and streamline your daily operations. It gives you and your HR managers greater visibility and control through improved workforce data and analytics, and frees your team from otherwise time-consuming administrative processes to allow more time for developing and managing your strategic talent assets. Furthermore, by placing self-service in the hands of your employees, ADP® iHCM helps you to create the collaborative culture needed to positively impact engagement.
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ADP® iHCM is a cloud based HCM platform that helps to enable HR departments to manage the entire employee life cycle from recruitment to retirement with accurate real time HCM data on a single platform. It includes talent acquisition, performance management, learning and development, payroll and HR administration. ADP® iHCM will also be accessible via ADP Mobile Solutions applications on mobile devices.

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