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What is the Value of ADP® iHCM
for CEOs?

Aligning Learning with business needs: The rise of the people-driven strategy

 Adaptability. Skills. Engagement.

Your number one priority is your overall business strategy; to grow, to stay competitive and transformational. You must anticipate your future business needs in an ever-increasingly competitive and globalised marketplace, whilst digital technology and business model changes continue to reshape your company´s daily operations. Your workforce too, is becoming more and more diverse and flexible, with rapidly evolving career expectations, a multitude of skills, and a growing number of development demands.

Keeping your employees inspired, engaged and happy, whilst at the same time aligned with the overall business strategy is no simple task. However, better overall alignment can help ensure successful strategy execution, improve executive decision-making and positively impact your bottom-line. Your talent needs treasuring to ensure they are growing alongside your business. With the shifting role of your HR, from a side-lined administrative function to an essential business partner driving your business strategy, the need has arisen for an efficient, cost-effective, all-in-one HCM solution.
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Adaptability. Skills. Engagement.
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ADP® iHCM is a cloud based HCM platform that helps to enable HR departments to manage the entire employee life cycle from recruitment to retirement with accurate real time HCM data on a single platform. It includes talent acquisition, performance management, learning and development, payroll and HR administration. ADP® iHCM will also be accessible via ADP Mobile Solutions applications on mobile devices.

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