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Employment screening:
Services available from ADP BackCheck

Partnering with ADP affords you the most up to date and comprehensive information and processes for your employee pre-employment screening and background check service, which will enable you to make the most informed recruitment decisions through:
  • Forgery-proof online delivery
  • Industry leading turnaround time
  • Minimised burden of ownership
  • Data privacy
  • Unlimited scalability
  • Consistent and auditable processes
  • Convenience


Employment screening services are available as detailed below. All results are delivered on-line, in real-time and in industry leading turnaround times.
  • Credential Verification. Through agreed procedures and technology ADP BackCheck validates claims of certification, clarifies any membership requirements and reveals any misrepresentation
  • Right to Work Document Verification, supplements your investigations with a professional visual analysis of documents and a cross check of ID numbers against official sources
  • Public Safety Verification involves a comprehensive search for involvement or links to terrorist activity or financing, across international lists.
  • Credit Enquiry and ID Verification verifies candidate identity, credit status, address and date of birth
  • Criminal Disclosure delivers the most appropriate level of checks from basic disclosure through to international disclosure
  • Employment Verification validates employment history claims including job titles, dates of employment, claims of responsibility and reason for leaving
  • Reference Interviews. Telephone interviews determine a candidates performance and skills, attendance and reliability, strengths and weaknesses, plus their integrity, accountability and honesty
  • Education Verification. Agreed procedures with thousands of institutes means ADP BackCheck can recognise phony institutes and degree mills, obtain results quicker, uncover inflated grades and identify non completion or failure of qualifications
  • DVLA Report checks for any impaired charges, restrictions or endorsements, or conditions on a license

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