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ADP BackCheck - Employment Screening

ADP BackCheck is an online employment screening service which provides you with the information necessary for making well-informed recruitment decisions.

Gone are the days of writing individual letters to former employers, chasing responses and deciphering them - a process that could take weeks and miss the very disclosures it set out to find. ADP BackCheck offers a convenient and all-encompassing solution to verifying candidates' application forms, enabling you to discover exactly who you are hiring and eliminate any doubts.
The risks and costs associated with hiring the wrong candidate, due to insufficient vetting, are significant. Lost productivity, mistakes and further recruitment can total thousands of pounds.

ADP BackCheck, however, can authenticate the information provided by candidates to ensure their effectiveness as an employee and mitigate risks. ADP BackCheck supports your HR policies, promotes consistency across the recruitment process and is fully auditable; enabling you to meet legislatory obligations as both recruiter and employer. The results are delivered online - securely and quickly - ensuring that you can recruit the right person for the job.

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ADP BackCheck - Employment Screening

What are the benefits of using ADP BackCheck?

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How does it work?

Highly-qualified ADP experts use proven techniques to obtain relevant information such as address verification, confirmation of qualifications and credit history - all via protected security systems. From a comprehensive raft of checks, you can determine exactly the level of vetting that should be carried out per individual role. This might incorporate an industry-specific check, credit history or criminal record check in addition to previous employment. What's more, the service is scalable and flexible, allowing you to create as many background check packages as necessary.
Upon receipt of online candidate consent and application forms, a dedicated expert will contact the appropriate educational establishments, previous employers and other parties in order to produce a simple, secure and thorough background check report. With online access, you can view the report at any stage as the check progresses, right up until completion. ADP BackCheck's online process is far more convenient, quick and meticulous than manual reference gathering could ever be.

Know who you are hiring

In the UK, turnover of headcount across major sectors is in the region of 15% and it can cost a business over £5,000 to recruit into each vacant position.
This figure is heightened to as much as 5 times each position's annual salary when individual replacements are less than suitable in terms of the experience, skills or integrity. 
Following millions of employment screening checks, ADP BackCheck’s experience illustrates that a high proportion of candidates exaggerate their previous experience, fabricate qualifications or prove generally dishonest. 
  • 23% of candidates have used aliases or alternate names on job applications
  • 17% of candidates provide references who give negative feedback
  • 30% of candidates falsify their employment history
  • 10% of candidates exaggerate education
  • 10% of candidates fabricate credential qualifications
  • 5% of candidates show a criminal record 

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ADP BackCheck Employment Screening

ADP BackCheck Employment Screening

Recruiting the right person is essential to save your business both time and money.
This short video highlights the benefits of using ADP BackCheck, our employment screening service.

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