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Payroll Solutions

ADP offers a range of solutions that allow businesses to remunerate employees, meet deadlines and increase productivity through the removal of time-consuming tasks.

Offering fast, efficient and accurate services, ADP payroll solutions reduce arduous administration, helping to support in-house salaries teams or enable staff to focus on other business needs.
The payroll function is traditionally under much pressure to deliver against key performance indicators with little margin for error. Poor processes, over-burdened staff and antiquated systems can lead to mistakes, delays and disgruntled employees.
Our solutions can alleviate this pressure via a professional and reliable partnership that guarantees flawless managed payment processing.
They can also help support business decisions and the formulation of strategies through the provision of real-time management reports, not to mention meeting budgetary and resource constraints.
Our flexible solutions can be scaled up or down in accordance with changing business needs, saving time, effort and money.
The solutions can reduce risk through enhanced data confidentiality, compliance with PAYE/ HR legislation and easier audit tracking. Our solutions allow staff to concentrate on what they know best, while we do what we know best: managed payroll processing.

Tailored Solutions

There is an ADP solution to suit all businesses; whether big, small, expanding, or based outside of the UK. No matter your requirements, we have the perfect service to suit your needs.
ADP Expert & ADP Expert Plus: A personal, managed service; ideal for small companies that are looking for someone to manage their payment processing to ensure compliance, or for growing companies that require specialist expertise while they expand.
ADP freedom: This option is available under two guises - either an in-house remuneration software solution or a managed end-to-end payroll service facilitated by ADP experts. Either option elicits time and monetary savings through elimination of administrative tasks.
International Managed Payroll Service: For international businesses that have an established subsidiary in the UK, this solution allows the payment of staff based in Britain to be managed from an overseas location, meeting all appropriate legislation, paying staff on time and assisting with end-of-year tax returns.
ADP LocalPay: A solution for businesses situated in, or thinking about, launching a subsidiary in the Channel Islands or the Republic of Ireland. Experts with local knowledge deliver a personal service to resident employees in adherence with regional requirements.
ADP Streamline: This 'border-less HR' option takes away the responsibilities and risks associated with multi-country remuneration, to ensure consistency and legal compliance.

What does the service offer?

Depending on service selected, your business could benefit from the following: 
  • Efficient and accurate payments
  • Streamlined transactions
  • Reduced risk through PAYE/HR compliance
  • Improved audit trails
  • Tax and social security returns
  • Quick resolution of queries to prevent pay delays
  • Production of ad hoc management reports
  • Real-time management information to support business decisions
  • Less internal IT dependency or maintenance
  • Advice and guidance from the ADP service centre
  • A dedicated professional contact with local salary knowledge

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