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Report - GDPR

IDC Executif Brief

Are you ready to respond to the new data protection regulation and remain compliant?

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Whitepaper - Human Resources

The human resource: From cost to asset

To less-enlightened CFO's, human capital is viewed as a cost to be managed. Even after many advances in productivity, average human capital costs are, admittedly, still a major operational expense.

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Whitepaper - Payroll & HR

Achieving Mergers and Acquisitions Success

Study after study puts the failure rate of mergers and acquisitions at between 70% and 90%. What's going wrong?

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Whitepaper - HR

Leading in a Vuca World: HR's Investment Opportunity

VUCA is a term used to describe a business world with an ever increasing pace of change - a world that is more Volatile, more Uncertain, more Complex and more Ambiguous than ever before.

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Whitepaper - Payroll

HR Challenges and Solutions - TCO

Did you know that for many companies, hidden costs can represent 63% of HR spending?

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