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Report - GDPR

IDC Executif Brief

Are you ready to respond to the new data protection regulation and remain compliant?

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Whitepaper - Human Resources

The human resource: From cost to asset

To less-enlightened CFO's, human capital is viewed as a cost to be managed. Even after many advances in productivity, average human capital costs are, admittedly, still a major operational expense.

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Whitepaper - Payroll & HR

Achieving Mergers and Acquisitions Success

Study after study puts the failure rate of mergers and acquisitions at between 70% and 90%. What's going wrong?

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Whitepaper - HR

Leading in a Vuca World: HR's Investment Opportunity

VUCA is a term used to describe a business world with an ever increasing pace of change - a world that is more Volatile, more Uncertain, more Complex and more Ambiguous than ever before.

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Study - Human Resources

The Evolution of Work

The workplace of the future is arriving now. What kind of changes in technology, culture, and economies will have an impact on the way people work?

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