The evolving role of the CFO: From accounting and finance to high level strategy

The role of the CFO is changing

To be effective they need to wear many hats and be masters of technology, talent management, analytics and strategy. Together with the Economist Intelligence Unit, ADP has developed a series of articles to guide you through the challenges shaping the role of the CFO. Read on to explore and prepare for the changes.

CFO: Which hat do you wear?

  • CFO as a Talent Manager
  • CFO a an Advisor to the CEO
  • CFO as a Technologist

The human resource: From cost to asset

In the modern global economy, where ideas and digital skills - rather than physical resources - are increasingly where economic value is realised, people can be a company's greatest asset. CFOs need to see a company's workforce as an engine of innovation, rather than a cost to be managed.

Do you have a fruitful partnership between HR and Finance to impact workforce decisions in your organisation?


Other articles:

CFO and CEO: Business partners or married couple?
Over the last decade, there has been a profound shift in the relationship between CFO and CEO.

The data driven CFO
In today's era, data and technology are increasingly central to the daily operations, and growth strategies, of businesses.



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The Evolution of the CFO

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From accounting and finance to high level strategy