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7 Tips for Being a Better Negotiator
Whether you're making a sale or angling for a pay rise, negotiation is a delicate art. It's not a case of winning or losing – a good negotiator will always have the ultimate goal of making both parties feel as if they've won.Read more
Getting Ready for Shared Parental Leave
From 5th April 2015, new legislation comes into effect concerning how parents are able to divide their statutory parental leave. And with that date only a few months away, that could mean that you, as an employer, already have employees currently intending to take advantage of the new system. Read more
Reward Your Employees Performance
Do you reward your employees for exceeding a quantifiable target? Common to a large number of different incentive plans is that the individual or group can see how their efforts have had a direct effect on their rewards, and this can help to develop a company culture of continuous improvement at every level of the organisation. Read more
How to Manage Your Business Travel Costs
With UK businesses expected to spend over £25 billion on travel and entertainment by the end of 2014, it's important to do what you can to manage and control those costs. In fact, travel and entertainment is often a company's second largest controllable expense – after salaries and benefits.Read more
Managing Talent in Your Organisation
Experience, expertise and innovation are often hugely instrumental in the success of any business. The effective selection and development of your organisation's people is crucial to the future of your business.Read more