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The HR challenges that arise as international expansion gathers pace become central to an organisation’s success or failure. HR is a company’s backbone with payroll being the key way to recognise the most important asset.

As such, core HR touches every aspect of a business, and the health of an organisation depends on how well core HR data and functions are integrated with company systems. According to the 2011 ADP paper, ‘A worldwide employee view fosters good decisions and better results’ where 89% of companies believe that having a complete view of their employees is “critical.” Yet only 30% of them actually have that complete overview, meaning that they are in turn exposed to risk and compliance issues.
What's your role?
Strategic international HR Directors offer consistent  policy and practices across all the countries that their organisations operate in. To provide the visibility and tools required to align with the business strategy increasingly requires a transformation of talent management and payroll technology. 
2. CEO
International CEOs are increasingly rethinking and redesigning their human capital management strategy. According to the 2014 PwC CEO Survey, 93% of CEOs recognise the need to change, or are changing, their strategies for attracting and retaining talent. However, 1% have not yet done so. The three factors CEOs see as vital for success are: reating new value through digital transformation; developing diverse and dynamic partnerships; and finding different ways of thinking and working in multinational environment. 
3. CFO
International CFOs require consistent processes and practices across their organisation that provide them with the visibility and tools required to take unnecessary costs out of talent management. The Finance Director’s ability to measure how Human Capital Management decisions affect the business and how business decisions affect Human Capital is crucial to international business expansion. 
4. CIO
Most international CIOs want to reduce the need for their IT team to manage multiple local payroll systems in order to free up time to focus on strategic work. The most frequently cited tasks that take up a CIOs time include improving IT operations and systems performance (50%) and implementing new systems and architecture (44%)1. When asked where they would like to spend more time in the future, CIOs point to more strategic global activities such as driving business innovation (55%) and identifying opportunities for competitive differentiation (42%).
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Core HR touches every aspect of a business. How your HR data and functions are integrated with company systems?
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