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No matter the size of your company or HR function, at some point you will need advice on a tricky HR issue or reassurance that you’re doing the right thing, especially if getting it wrong means a risk of fines and tribunals for your business.
Managing HR is an issue for all employers, regardless of size.  As well as controlling the typical HR business critical activities such as recruitment, payroll, benefits and employee engagement, HR also needs an in-depth knowledge of employment law to cope with the constantly evolving needs and demands of the workplace. 
ADP Research has found that in small businesses with 1 to 49 employees, 67% have no in house employment law support of their own.  And in larger companies who may have this resource, the challenge of staying on top of the ever changing employment law landscape is huge.  And when you consider that it can take 18 management days to resolve a disciplinary issue, getting the right advice from the outset is crucial.
In the year ending March 2016, a total of 83,031 tribunal applications were made in the UK.  The average cost awarded at an employment tribunal is now £12,418 (CIPD, 2015) with the British Chamber of Commerce stating that the average cost for an employer defending themselves is £8500. The correct procedures and nipping issues in the bud can be invaluable. 
The responsibility of being a good employer is daunting with an ever present threat of massive cost implications if you get it wrong.  At the very least, the never ending struggle to ensure compliance with employment legislation can reduce the very nimbleness that gives you your competitive advantage. 
Imagine if you had access to world class HR employment law expertise without the need to employ dedicated resources or hire expensive legal advisers. 
ADP HR Everywhere (HRe) is an online and telephone advice based HR employment law service, designed to allow you to focus on growing your business.  Whether you employ in-house HR resource or not, ADP HR Everywhere gives you the materials and confidence you need to be compliant, whatever situation you find yourself in.  
HR Everywhere offer 4 levels of service, to suit all types of business: