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ADP is an online Human Resources Management system that drives efficiency through the automation of HR processes, allowing for a streamlined and more accurate facilitation of employee life cycle events, such as recruitment, promotion, parental leave and resignation. can be configured to incorporate your policies and strategies, achieving improved employee management through integrated functionality. The e-Recruitment function helps simplify the on-boarding process, while performance and training management capabilities help to retain and develop existing staff. In addition, sophisticated reporting offers real-time management information to enable better informed decision-making and workforce planning.

Ideal for businesses with 50+ employees, especially those that work around the clock and from different locations, the web-hosted system allows employees to access the same messages and tools as office-based colleagues, no matter where or when.

What's more, with a flexible framework that allows for the alignment of corporate culture and industry best practice, can accommodate change as your business grows and evolves.

How does work? is an online software as a service (SaaS) solution. As such, it is accessible from any internet browser, 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

Developed as a 'community orientated' system, offers access and information to several different groups within the organisation, for convenience and to improve accuracy. Employees can update personal information through a self-service portal, where they can also see previous payslips or book leave. Managers can view absence, report sick leave and facilitate performance reviews, while HR managers can read management information and initiate life cycle processes.

Designed to reflect your corporate branding, can be configured to include your logos and terminology to encourage engagement.

What are the benefits of using this solution?

- Automation: removes much of the burdensome, manual administration around the facilitation of employee life events, including the automatic generation of letters to staff via mail merge and the storage of said documents on electronic employee files - no more need for filing.

- Empowerment: An intuitive dashboard enables managers to view latest staff statistics and access up-to-date management information at the touch of a button. Employees meanwhile can change their own personal details, request leave and view payslips through the self-service portal, alleviating admin queries that would typically go to HR or payroll.

- Streamlined approach: The SaaS platform allows for faster deployment, improved efficiency and consistency in employee management communications and processes. This includes automatic document creation, e-Recruitment, simple report running, triggered emails and reminders. All of which promote accuracy and compliance.

- Cost saving: As a SaaS solution, there is no requirement for costly technology, software updates, server maintenance or internal IT support. As a scalable solution, is certainly cost-efficient.

- Security: All confidential and sensitive information is held in a secure, electronic environment which is fully backed-up in adherence with business contingency plans.

Anything else I need to know?

In order to remain competitive and move with the times you can also add additional modules for Fleet Management, Asset Management and Expense Management to complement your solution. It can also be integrated with other ADP offerings such as payroll solution, ADP freedom or ezLaborManager, the time and attendance software.

If driving cost savings and employee management efficiencies are at the top of your agenda, then ADP could be exactly the solution you are looking for.
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