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HR Services and Solutions

HR Services and Solutions

HR Services and Solutions - ADP HR solutions are a range of intuitive, convenient management tools

ADP HR solutions assist businesses in meeting organisational goals through streamlining activities, automating manual processes and providing accurate information.

From recruitment administration and payroll management to employee management and data gathering, our HR solutions are effective and efficient. They support the business in delivering cost savings, identifying trends, mitigating risk and adapting to change. 

The solutions offer a holistic, reliable view of employee data with which businesses can make better-informed decisions.

Our HR solutions are ideal for businesses that are looking to improve employee management, attract skilled individuals and optimise existing talent.

They are ideal for increasingly flexible workplaces; allowing employees to manage their own personal information, while empowering line managers to facilitate leave requests and monitor team performance - no matter their location.

As a web-hosted 'software-as-a-service' solution, businesses can be confident of data security and full back-up - plus have the opportunity to scale services up or down to correlate with changing requirements and budget.

What does ADP HR solutions do?

ADP HR solutions help to manage the employee life cycle (from first to last day) more efficiently. This enables managers to obtain accurate, real time information - which is key for formulating budgets, developing strategies, reacting to business challenges and addressing issues pro-actively. ADP's unique, flexible and bespoke service can help meet business needs via the following:
- Providing easy to understand, real time information 
- Consolidating separate data into one reliable source
- Generating accurate management reports re: sickness, performance, leave, remuneration
- Introducing employee self-service: request leave, update personal details, view payslips
- Encouraging management authorisation
- Creating a library of company guidelines and policies in one place
- Offering 24/7 access to support flexible working
- eRecruitment
- Performance management and appraisals
- Training management
- Producing automated emails and documents as per specification
- Refocusing HR expertise away from administration
- Integrating existing systems
- Improving audit trails
- Streamlining existing processes
- Creating a central electronic database of employee information
- Securing and backing-up data via web hosted servers

Who can use ADP HR solutions?

As the software is flexible, it can be configured to align with businesses that have 50-plus employees and wish to gain full, consolidated control of core HR activities and/or operations. Additionally, the solutions can be adapted to reflect business brands, culture and policies.

What about existing systems?

The solutions may be integrated with existing systems, leaving just a single point of entry.

The next step?

To learn more about the many ways in which our HR solutions could benefit your business, see the information around HR services

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