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Pre-Employment Screening

Know you are hiring

Hiring new employees can be risky if you don’t have a complete picture. Pre-employment screening is a vital part of the recruitment process but internal checks can be unreliable, time consuming, and expensive.

ADP BackCheck can take away the guess work and help you to be more confident in your hiring decisions.

FAST: Industry-leading turnaround times and paperless eConsent feature
THOROUGH: Qualified experts, innovative tech and streamlined processes to deliver extensive range of background checks
COST-EFFECTIVE: Low-cost compared to a bad recruitment decision. Removes the need for internal staff to carry out checks

Using ADP BackCheck could mean the difference between making a sound hiring decision and a costly mistake.

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Know you are hiring

30% of candidates fake their employment history

The risks and costs associated with a bad hire are significant. This makes the ROI on screening services high. 

Recruitment already costs you thousands – but hiring the wrong person can cost up to five times the salary of the job you were trying to fill. ADP BackCheck gives you peace of mind when recruiting, and the confidence to offer the job to the right person.

Our data checking services verify:
  • Credentials
  • Right to work documents
  • Public safety
  • Credit enquiry and ID
  • Criminal disclosures
  • Reference interviews
  • Education
  • DVLA reports …. and more

Our ADP BackCheck service

  • provides access to more information than manual reference checks
  • offers a choice of checks depending on your requirements
  • returns results securely and quickly– ensuring you can make a decision quickly
  • uses proven screening techniques
  • complies with legislation and is fully auditable – meaning you can meet obligations as both recruiter and employer
  • obtains online consent from candidate prior to checks
  • uses protected systems and agencies to approach referees, employers and educational institutions
  • grows with your needs, thanks to its scalable and flexible model
  • reduces hiring time and recruitment costs
  • frees up HR – allowing staff to focus on strategic initiatives
  • supports your existing recruitment procedures and HR policies
You can speed up the recruitment process, increase the quality of your hires, and reduce fraud with ADP BackCheck.

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ADP BackCheck

ADP BackCheck

ADP BackCheck is an online employment screening service which provides you with the information necessary for making well-informed recruitment decisions.

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