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Human Capital Management (HCM)

How is your global HR technology performing?

80% of global companies invest in technology to streamline their HR processes, but only 20% actually improve their cost savings and meet productivity goals. Why is this?

Most solutions promise big reductions in Total Cost of Owership (TCO). But did you know that 63% of HR TCO is hidden from view? Companies that succeed in bringing digital transformation to HR don’t look at tech solutions in isolation. They consider how their people will use the solutions, and what complementary services are needed to bridge gaps.

Consider these business and technology challenges:
  • The average multinational manages 33 HR and payroll system3
  • Non-compliance costs global companies an average of $9M every year4
  • 86% of companies say they don’t have any HR analytics capabilities5
  • 75% of the workforce will consist of tech-savvy Millennials by 20186
  • Only 30% of employers are satisfied with their recruitment solution7
Companies are beginning to look beyond solutions that solely promise TCO reduction, to ones that enable more holistic transformations – solutions like Global Human Capital Management (HCM).

Global HCM can help you:
  • standardise and integrate all your systems,
  • streamline multi-country payroll,
  • gain visibility of global HR costs,
  • deliver technology-enabled talent management
  • achieve compliance everywhere your company does business

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Think HCM

Think HCM

Learn more about how Global Human Capital Management can help your company be a better place to work for employees everywhere in the world.

How can Technology Help You Surf  the Global Talent Revolution?

How can Technology Help You Surf the Global Talent Revolution?

The pace of globalization continues to accelerate, and with it come increasing demands on HR leaders to help companies find solutions to the many complexities that arise from global expansion.
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