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With increasing employment legislation, pressure from stakeholders and competition for the best talent, businesses need to be able to make informed recruitment decisions.

Hiring the wrong person can have serious financial, security and reputational consequences. As such, carrying out pre-employment screening that encompasses education, employment, criminal and credit records is becoming an essential step in the recruitment process; critical for eliminating doubt.

ADP BackCheck can guarantee businesses are presented with all of the key information necessary to make the right recruitment calls.

Our online pre-employment screening checks cannot only verify skills and qualifications, but also help determine a candidate's potential effectiveness as an employee.

It's a simple, fast and effective service which assists businesses in making better, more confident hiring decisions while mitigating future issues.

How does ADP BackCheck work?

Candidates complete and submit a pre-employment application form online, providing their consent for screening checks to commence.

The actual checks conducted can be defined by the business; appropriate to the level or responsibilities of the job in question.
  Upon receipt of consent, the highly-trained ADP BackCheck team will approach referees, employers and educational institutions via protected security systems and agencies; delivering a fast, thorough service. A report is typically issued within three to six days, meaning that hires can be made quickly.

Why is pre-employment screening important?

The price of hiring the wrong candidate is reportedly 2.5 times their salary; accounting for poor productivity, repeat recruitment costs and possibly even employment tribunals.

Given that research shows most candidate applications contain some degree of inaccuracies and that 30 per cent falsify the details on their CV, pre-employment screening is vital.
  Making sure candidates are who they say they are immediately reduces any risks to the business and ADP BackCheck can confirm this information.

Additionally, the checks can help safeguard vulnerable people, satisfy any industry-specific requirement and establish the candidate's right to work in the UK.

What's more, pre-employment screening requires candidate consent - a requirement that in itself could prompt guilty candidates to pull out of the process.

What does the service offer?

ADP BackCheck employment screening is a convenient solution for abating recruitment concerns.

Ultimately, recruitment is about obtaining the right information - relevant to the role - to enable businesses to identify the best person for the job.

ADP BackCheck can help businesses enhance their existing recruitment processes through the following:
- Providing access to more information than manual reference checks could confirm
- Offering a choice of checks as per industry or role requirements
- Returning checks typically within three to six days
- Using proven screening techniques
- Forgery-proof online delivery 
- Compliance with legislation
- Obtaining online consent from candidate prior to checks
- Providing online access for businesses and candidates
- Reducing hiring time
- Reducing recruitment costs
- Releasing HR from referencing
- Integrating and complementing existing recruitment procedures

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